Friday, 23 November 2012

current/recent work

 looking at figures of identity in art and design, organic shapes in context of the seaside and natural forms

based loosely on fashion surrealism photography by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

knitted collar based on organic and the idea of using our surroundings an integrating it into
textiles and fashion garments. As collars and statement necklaces are in fashion at the moment. I decided to create something that utilises the current trends in fashion. I uses shells that I collected from the beach in Cornwall and 100% wool. 

The eye make-up complements the cream toned piece of my work and especially stands out again the models skin tone, which beautifully suited.

vintage paper hats. Using paper and candy colours i creative fascinator hats in the form of flowers  inspired my the artist Jill Flower. i created 3 designs of hats. i create the structure of the hat my cutting out petal shapes and machine sewing them together and then applying them to a fascinator base. 

The make-up works in harmony with the models skin colour and the hats .


Yesterday I went to visit Central St Martins in London for an open day. I loved the vibrant atmosphere and vibe of London, because you see all sorts of weird and wonderful people
where people accept you for who you are not what your about! after visiting the open day i was enamoured with the place as it was in a lovely endearing area of london;
Holborn. its cute little lanes such as Leather Lane, and shops was my kinda thing. I adored the setting for the University, i could see an abundance of inspirations and impulse for creativity with the defining location made St Martins what it is a stimulation of innovation.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

yay! finally got a polaroid camera

Thought i would post about my new camera to add to the collection and I am bored and just chillin' to a bit of The Kooks as they are all time fav classic! I bought this classic polaroid off ebay for about £40. I have wanted one of these for ages as I love the way they make the world look, everything looks vintage through a polaroid camera.  


using sketch tool on photoshop I messed around with this image I took today