Saturday, 15 September 2012

yay! finally got a polaroid camera

Thought i would post about my new camera to add to the collection and I am bored and just chillin' to a bit of The Kooks as they are all time fav classic! I bought this classic polaroid off ebay for about £40. I have wanted one of these for ages as I love the way they make the world look, everything looks vintage through a polaroid camera.  


using sketch tool on photoshop I messed around with this image I took today 

after a long day at Nottingham Trent uni open day outfit :

stripe top- ZARA
 grey skirt -ZARA
leather waistcoat- TOPSHOP
glasses- CHANEL
scarf- vintage
shoes- ASOS


For textiles at the minute I am looking at organic forms and textures and after my visit to Nottingham Trent university open day today it gave me loads of inspiration and ideas as the textiles department was really good this is some of the first year students work. particular things such as the mood boards and print work were really interesting and inspiring. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sewing into Paper

I  Idid this for a graphics project about identity and
 figures, sketching a silhouette on to paper then collaging
 vintage paper then free machining around the outline my my
         sketch. Leaving the threads lose as if they were threads as(lines) of time and age...

Elizabeth Rutt

Elizabeth Rutt experiments with sewing into tissue paper, sewing lines in the delicate medain .
the structure seems skeleton shaped with it being simply, abstract and expressive

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Autumn Key Trend. TOPSHOP are over the summer now and autumnal fashion is filtering through, as a proud topshop fan and an employee...they lead the high street fashion industry when it comes to the changing seasons. Even though TOPSHOP is mainstream I still think you can mix things up and still be original with it.

Modern Military
NEW IN woooo, lovin the khaki shades

This was my outfit of the day. The grey shirt
fits well with the new season as the key
colours on the high street seem not only to be classic
autumn colours but grey and blacks; and in
context to textures and
fabrics, leather is the main trending feature
for this up and coming season.



By far the most contmporary fashion surrealist work I have found, after looking everywhere for an amazing modern photographer such as this for a project I am working on. 

Just some macro images I took today in the garden.

Don't normally do nature photography in the slightest but decides to because it was such a beautiful day outside, using a macro setting I captured the detail in the forms. The sunshine made the lighting very good to work with as exposure is perfect.